Social Media Marketing Strategies for Internet Home Based Business Owners – Top 5 Dos and Don’ts

By | June 12, 2023

Since the advancement of the Internet, there has been a flood of social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs,etc. These social media sites allow individuals to interact with one another and build relationships in cyberspace. Since these sites are also used as word of mouth advertising by sharing information to a larger audience, this type of marketing strategy can be a crucial part of building an Internet home based business. These social media marketing strategies may seem simple but if you do not know to follow some specific strategies, there can be some costly effects on your Internet business. Here are the top 5 Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to social media marketing:

1. DO determine your niche market.

Simply, a niche or target market is a group of people with a mutual interest. You can think of it as a subcategory of a larger market. The biggest mistake you can make in social media marketing is to think everyone is your prospect even if you’re selling skin care products. For example, instead of trying to market or connect with anyone who has skin problems, you may just want to focus on those who have adult acne.

Once you determine your niche market, watch for hot new trends. Visit discussion groups, forums, Twitter and other social media websites to determine unfilled needs. Lastly, figure out how you can position yourself to fill that need. If you’ve solved some big problem that you know a lot of other people are challenged with then you start to become an expert in your niche market.

2. DON’T post unwanted ads.

Social media marketing is like the real world, if you just go out and pitch your product or business, people are not going to respond well. When you post blatant ads on social media sites, you may not only be banned but labeled as a “spammer”, which is a person who repeated puts out unsolicited or unwanted information about a business, product, etc. This is a reputation that you don’t want. So, if your true intention is to advertise, it will be apparent and the other participants will catch onto what you’re doing and they’ll discount your information and your posts. Therefore, your goal should be to be seen as an expert in your field, not just to get traffic to your site.

3. DON’T disrespect the opinions of others.

People are allowed to express their opinions at social media sites and you don’t have to agree with them, but you must respect them. If someone posts something that you don’t agree with, or that’s incorrect, feel free to post, but don’t point the finger and criticize the person that you’re connecting with or that you don’t agree with. Just focus on helping them.

4. DO give value first.

The key to social media marketing is to add value. When you add value through social media marketing, it means to offer free information and educational content that solves an initial problem for your prospect. You can give away something of value like a free report, set of training videos or weekly newsletters,etc. Once this is achieved this allows you to effortlessly sell massive quantities of any product or service in any industry. Prospects and customers flock to those who demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about a subject and share it with others through free valuable information.

5. DO build relationships.

Social media marketing is about connecting with people and being real. This personal interaction can instill a feeling of loyalty into followers and potential customers. From an Internet Home Based Business perspective, the marketers that will benefit the most from this type of social media marketing approach are the ones who offer the most help and connect on an emotional level. Remember this is about helping others find solutions; it’s not about answering their question to simply pitch them your business.

Finally, because social media marketing attracts so much continual attention from Internet users, this has become a powerful venue for an Internet home-based business owners to create interest and traffic. Also, if you are involved with people on an emotional level, they will be much more likely to refer your business and talk positively about your product. In addition, these social media efforts, if monitored carefully with a little bit of patience and skillful planning, can deliver profitable results for any internet business.