Chicago Council on Global Affairs Holds Public Meeting for Mexican Community

By | June 6, 2023

The Mexican American Task Force of The Chicago Council of Global Affairs, released the Task Force’s report: A Shared Future: The Economic Engagement of Greater Chicago and Its Mexican Community.

Members are Clare Munana of Ancora Associates, Douglas Doetsch of Mayer Brown Rowe and Maw, Alajandro Silva of The Evans Food Group, Allert Brown-Gort and Sylvia Puente from The University of Notre Dame. Presiding was Marshall Bouton, President of the Chicago Council of Global Affairs. His Excellency Carlos Sada, Consul General of Mexico and J. D. Bindenagel of DePaul University were in attendance.

With grace and polish Mr. Bouton introduced the members of the Force to a receptive audience held Monday evening at the Mexican Museum of Fine Arts in Chicago. The nature of the meeting was to articulate the results of the report to the public and to acquire feedback from the community.

The report focused on Education, Finance, Social Services, Civic Responsibilities, and Labor. Currently there are over 1,300,000 members of the Mexican Community in the Chicago Metropolitan area. The protocol of the event was for each member of the Task Force to address their respective area of expertise to the audience. After they made their report provision was made with floor space and a microphone for the audience to address questions and concerns to the Force. Each member did and outstanding job of articulating their area of expertise with facts and statistics to support their decisions. Because of their thoroughness and vision the Task Force’s report proved to be an outstanding success, which was echoed by the audience.

In the course of the evening the Force articulated a cogent and intelligent plan that highlight the essential needs of both the Mexican and Greater Chicago Communities. What was excellent about this event was that for the first time a civic body that had the vision, resources, and expertise to implement a plan on such a massive scale did so and brought it to the community. Further, the community reciprocated with additional suggestions and ovations of support for the report and the Task Force.

Stephen F. Condren – Artist